Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Late winter happenings

We've had a busy last few months. JJ is still going to pre-K and also taking classes through the city, like sports, tumbling, swimming, and ice skating. Emily is taking the same, as well as a music class. It's begun- the shuttling of kids from one activity to the other. (and no, I haven't overscheduled them. All classes run for a few weeks and are staggered). JJ also starts soccer this week.
It's been fun to see what the kids like or don't like, and its great having them learn a new skill and be proud of it.

Suspicious JJ
 Chalking it up
 JJ writing out his classmates' names on his valentines. This is the first time he has wanted to practice writing letters, for more than a minute, and a big moment. Now he's always wanting to write notes to others, and he's really improving his handwriting skills.

 tee hee

 JJ and Emily got new hat/glove sets and were so excited to wear them and have their picture taken.

 hee hee

 JJ with his new gear holding his X-wing fighter he made at school

 Emily's first haircut! Chelsea cut just a smidge off the back, and it took about two minutes. Emily loved feeling like a big kid, just like JJ.
 JJ's legos that he built all by himself!
 JJ on ice. You can see him improving with each lesson, which is really neat to experience.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christmas round 3- Peoria

And finally, we get to Peoria to spend Christmas with my family. Uncle Dick treated JJ and Emily to a ride on the mall train- its a really neat one, and I think Emily's first train ride.

We went to church and came home to relax.

 Hanging out with my nephew Nick, my dad, my nephew Tom, me, Tim, Katie, and JJ across the middle
 Emily playing
 JJ playing
Aunt Christine and JJ opening his new hot wheels set...
 and his new r.c. car...
 and his new microscope.
 Cousin Nick and Uncle Dick watching the festivities
 Tim teaching dad some new tricks
 Emily showing Tom her new Minnie Mouse pez dispenser
 Nick and JJ having a conversation
 And of course we had to go to Steak and Shake!

 Banana sticker on the nose!
 Christmas goodies
 One last story with Papa Smith
And that's our Christmas! It was one of the best ones yet, getting to see so many friends and family and loving every minute of it.

Christmas round 2- Chicago

For round 2, we stayed a few nights with Aunt Katie/Catie and then on to Chicago to see friends. We got out of Colorado just ahead of the big storm, and drove through the night. Night driving wrecks me and Tim and is hard on the kids, but it was important to us to not lose any visiting days because of snow.

Emily and daddy enjoying the snow
Katie and JJ enjoying the snow too

 Katie wrestling the kiddos
 I gotcha!
 I was so excited to see Sarah and her bebe Rhys. It was really great to catch up for and see them. He's such a cutie! I wish we could have had more time- next time!!
 Then on to Moe and Cheryl's, where the kids loved playing memory with Cheryl. It's always great to see them!
Then onto Naperville to see Tim's oldest friends, Steve and Jeff and Nick and their peoples.
Here's Steve and his boy Liam- such a cutie!
 Liam standing tall
 Tim, Nick, Steve, and Jeff
 The wives- Naeda, Jenn, me, Brooke
 the trio
 JJ and Emily did great with the travels. Poor JJ- He broke out in a fever, and had a bug all the rest of vacation.
 Tiny Emily in a giant tub

 Saying bye to Jeff and Naeda